Welcome -- SC LMS Institute 2008

June 18, 2008
Cathy Nelson, Presenter

A Look at Change

  • Powerpoint - A look at how times have changed
  • Discussion on the way it was/the way it is now (either chart or small group created ppt)
  • Show and share groups work
Library Programs PPT borrowed from Doug Johnson
Cathy Nelson's PowerPoint Slides


"What is Web 2.0?"(part 1) as defined by Will Richardson (video interview, 7:15)
The Read/Write Web (beginning, 0:00)
Using the Read/Write Web Capabilities to Connect Around Professional Learning (est. 1:32 in)
The Role that Writing Plays in Reading (est. 4:15)

"What is Web 2.0: (part 2) as defined by Will Richardson (video internview, 9:40)
The Future of Education in a Web-based World (beginning, 0:00)
The Education System Absorbing New Technologies (est. 3:21 in)
Changes to Physical Space (est. 7:05 in)


What is it?
Why is it a good thing to have?

The CommonCraft's RSS in Plain English

Using a Reader
  • Bloglines
  • Google Reader
  • Will require an account (an online presence)
  • Many have searchable tutorials on YouTube
  • FREE, though there are others
    • Some of the others are free
    • Some are for a fee
    • Can use igoogle page
    • Can use Pageflakes

Blogs to read (my recommendations)

21st Century Teacher Librarian Focus
Doug Johnson - Blue Skunk
Joyce Valenza - SLJ Hosted - Never Ending Search
Carolyn Foote - Not So Distant Future
Diane Cordell - Journeys

21st Century Educators who are Forward Thinkers
Will Richardson - Weblogg-ed
Scott McLeod - Dangerously Irrelevant
Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach - 21st Century Learner
Dean Shareski - Ideas and Thoughts of an EdTech Lifer
Wes Fryer - Moving at the Speed of Creativity


Should you blog?

Blog platforms

Social Networking

Examples Resulting from 2.0 Tools


Voice Thread


Podcasting in the Classroom

Virtual Guests
1:15 - Chrissy Hellyer Taradale, Napier, New Zealand Educator (Using 2.0 Tools in the classroom, power of Social Networking)
1:30—Jennifer Wagner California Educator (online projects, power of Social Networking)
1:45 – Lisa Parisi (HB Project, power of Networking)
2:00 – Brenda Branson / Betty Jordan (Skype, projects)
2:15 – Chris Craft (Life Round Here, other projects)

Other Useful Resources!

CommonCraft Videos of ALL KINDS!
The CommonCraft Show has many different "in Plain English" style video explanations available for purchase or free download on many differnt topic, including podcasting, Twitter, blogging, using flickr, and more. These are GREAT for staff development. Best, they are free for online use and available for download at a cost.

"WebTools4u2use" has great resources, including a link to blogs and their role in the media center.

ZamZar is the place I go if I want to download a video from YouTube. ZamZar offers several formats that you can convert to, and I've even converted PDF files to Word documents. Even though I like to use videos (i.e. CommonCraft) embedded as above or from online, I like to have it temporarily downloaded for the possibility that I will not have connectivity. I use it as a safety net or plan b.

Topics I wish I had time to cover:
Creative Commons
Delicious (social bookmarking)/Tags
Google Docs, Spreadsheets, Presentation Tools, more

Lori Sheldon ( a virtual friend) is doing a five day workshop this week, and here is her wiki agenda/guide/handout.